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Your attitude is your choice, and will show in your actions. Your actions define you. You will define our team. Your attitude will define who we are.
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Work Ethic
We will always invest our best effort. Our drive to greatness will be uncompromising. We will not quit. We will instill a culture of doing things right, every time.
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We are committed to improving ourselves every day, every month, every year. We will have an improvement plan, proven out by action. We own our roadmap.
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We take great pride in our team and work. We will prepare ourselves to perform at a high level. We are disciplined with our words, actions, decisions, and integrity.
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We are a team – together, united. We will have fun together, and treat each other with kindness and respect. We will be open and trustworthy in our relationships.


We are a diverse cast of characters, united with a common belief in the magic of the automobile. What makes us unique is that we embrace our differences, because that is what makes our team so powerful.

Do you bore friends and colleagues with stories about your car or truck? Do you dream of working at an awesome company where eyes don’t glaze over at the mention of over-square engines and off-camber turns?

We are always hiring the best people in a variety of fields – developers, designers, customer support, project managers, and more. Check out available jobs to apply.

Scott Parker

Chief Content Officer & General Manager

Ivan Korda

Senior Director of Business Development

Greg Acosta

Editor, EngineLabs & Group Tech Editor

Micah Anderson

Editor, Off Road Xtreme

Andrea Green

Ad and Business Development Coordinator

Nya Exantus

Accounting Coordinator

Ken Brubaker

Editor, Electrified

Lloyd Hunt

Chief Revenue Officer

Laura Restrepo

Accounting Manager

Brian Wagner

Editor, Street Muscle

Kaley Lione

IT Manager / Web & Graphic Designer

Nashona Haldane

Marketing Director

Sean Lea

Business Development Associate

Andrew Almazan

Vice President of People

Gina Jahn

Office Manager / Human Resources

Brian Havins

Director, Content & Consumer Marketing

Andrew Wolf

Group Editor, Dragzine & Ford Muscle

Robert Fisher

Business Development Representative

Andy Bolig

Editor, Chevy Hardcore

Kevin McIntosh

Director, Web & Creative

James Elkins

Editor, Ford Muscle Magazine

Jeremy Nichols

Editor, LSX Magazine

Randy Bolig

Group Editor, Diesel Army & EngineLabs

Ed Zinke

Business Development Director

Chris Friend

Videographer & YouTubologist


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Power Automedia believes in creating the best automotive content to fuel the magic of the automobile. We believe in helping people achieve their dreams by building something special. We pioneered the automotive digital media revolution and continue to innovate. We stay at the forefront of the digital landscape.