Power Automedia Welcomes Ken Brubaker as Editor of Electrified

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The new editor brings extensive experience to spearhead the future of the company’s EV-centric online brand.

Temecula, CA Power Automedia, is excited to announce the hiring of Ken Brubaker as the new Editor of Electrified, a cutting-edge digital brand, exclusively focused on electric vehicles (EVs) and all things EV-related, which recently launched. 

Electrified delivers entertaining and informative content to the growing EV community, serving as a one-stop shop for enthusiasts, prospective buyers, and industry professionals alike.

Ken joins the Power Automedia team with an immense passion for the automotive world and a wealth of experience in automotive journalism. Most recently he has held the role of Editor-In-Chief of Four Wheeler, at the Motor Trend Group.

“Throughout the years, Ken has held prominent roles as an Editor and Senior Editor, contributing his expertise to various reputable brands at TEN, Warner Brothers, and Discovery,” said Brian Havins, Power Automedia Director of Content & Consumer Marketing. “Beyond his professional accomplishments, Ken’s true passion lies in automobiles. His fascination with cars knows no bounds, making him a perfect fit for Electrified and Power Automedia.”

Ken’s background in electric vehicles dates back almost two decades, when he attended the media event for the 2006 Lexus RX400h and the 2005 Silverado hybrid during Four Wheeler’s Pickup Truck of the Year competition. Since, he’s continued to expand his EV knowledge and has become an avid follower and fan of the electrified vehicle evolution. 

“The global demand for EVs and electric-powered machinery is increasing at a blistering pace and Electrified is a powerful source of information and insight into this breathtaking time in history,” explained Ken. “I’m excited to join Electrified in its ongoing mission to provide in-depth coverage of the products, tech, and news of the world’s pivot to electrification.”

To view Ken’s upcoming work, follow along on ElectrifiedMag.com.


Documenting the growing rise of Electric Vehicles (EV) with industry insider interviews, features on the latest disruptive technology, and spotlights on innovative products that are changing the daily lives of consumers around the world. Electrified will be your digital companion for up-to-the-minute news on bleeding edge EV technology, reviews, EV swaps, performance upgrades, and e-mobility.

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